Incantation - Carrion Prophecy Video Now Online

Incantation - XXV Teaser Trailer

Exclusive Autopsy/Incantation Shirt Designs

We've made some new designs for the upcoming Autopsy/Incantation shows in Oct/Nov. Only available at these shows - get them if you can!!

Flyers by Black Arts Media - Back text by Nev

Incantation - New Video Now Online

Incantation - New Video Coming Soon

The new Incantation video is coming along and we will be releasing screen captures of this video as it is being finished! Check out the first one of Kyle's drumset!

More to be released shortly!
Incantation - Dirges Of Elysium - Packaging/Layout(2014)

Now available as CD, Limited Edition fold out Digipak and in black or transparent red vinyl - this crushing new album is finally available for purchase!!

The European street date is June 10 and the US street date is June 24. But we have the US exclusive in starting to ship the regular CDs on Friday the 13th! Plus we are also offering it with your choice of a (regular or full print) t-shirt and you can also get an autographed poster and a 25 YEARS OF BLASPHEMOUS METAL sticker with each shirt package!

Here are some pics for the CD/Digi/Vinyl along with the two new shirts that are available with this package.

Cover Painting by: Eliran Kantor - / CD/Vinyl Layout by: Secrets Of The Black

Click Here to purchase your copy!

EXCLUSIVE: Acheron Album Preview/Interview Video at Decibel Magazine (2014)

The new video that we've helped make for the new Acheron release Kult Des Hasses is now available on the Decibel Magazine site. Filled with kind words from the Decibel crew, this video helps explain a bit more about the making of the Kult Des Hasses CD and some of the details within it. Plus a few track snippets as well so you can get a chance to hear a bit more of the album.

You can check out the full article at: for more info!

The new album is currently available as CD and limited edition vinyl packages at:, be sure to pick it up!!

Acheron - Kult Des Hasses Promo Video (2014)

We have been working with Acheron over the past few months to help promote their new disc Kult Des Hasses that will be released Feb 24 (Eur) / Mar 04 (US). We have been putting together a new promotional video with lyrics and spoken parts by Vincent Crowley to help promote this new release. Below are a few "production" screen caps taken from the video, with art by Timo Wuerz, which is still being edited at the current time.

The new album is currently available as CD and limited edition vinyl packages at:, be sure to pick it up!!

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Soulless - Serpent Reaper Music Video (2013) -
'Serpent Reaper', the new video from Cleveland, Ohio-based thrashers SOULLESS, can be seen below. The song comes off the band's fourth full-length album, In Death's Grip, which was released on April 23 via Auburn Records. The video was directed by Kristoff Bates for Black Arts Media. It was filmed on location in Cleveland at the House Of Wills, an abandoned former funeral home built in the early 1900's and rumored to be a place of very active paranormal activity.

"You have to see this place to believe it," says Auburn Records president Bill Peters. "It's a massive structure that was originally built in 1900 as a German opera house. 35 rooms in an abandoned funeral home with multiple basements, attics, hidden passageways, rotting floors, unexplained cold temperatures, no water or electricity, empty caskets and a crematorium. It looks as if the funeral home owners literally left in the middle of the night some 20 years ago. Many of their things are still there. This is officially the creepiest and craziest place I have ever been to in my life. The real deal in horror. Words cannot even begin to describe. Being locked up in that place for two full nights was a mind altering experience - let me tell you! The smell of evil is everywhere. The perfect location for a Soulless video shoot."

Read the full story at -

Incantation - Invoked Infinity Music Video (2013)
Write Up By: Zack Smith -
We couldn’t think of a better way to spread some Valentine’s Day love than premiering the brand new Incantation video for “Invoked Infinity”. Before you start headbanging at your desk to the opening track to last year’s Vanquish In Vengeance (and the band’s first video in ten years), we’ll let bassist Chuck Sherwood and Kristoff Bates (who, along with Incantation drummer Kyle Severn, runs Black Arts Media, the outfit behind the clip below) tell you a little bit more about what you’re in store for:

“The new video was filmed in an authentic turn of the century funeral home. Its concept is the ritual combination of three formulas/systems of magic. A personal interpretation of its results when evoked entities/elementals of these pantheons are brought within. Visually it culminates the essences of each elemental force, its earthbound entity and the ethereal. In the violent nature of the music, it’s only expanded in the creation and presentation of this video. Take what you will from it.” – Chuck Sherwood

“After writing/filming with Kyle Severn for the After Party Massacre movie and for way too many live shows since then, it’s always been a blast to shoot with the guys in Incantation. Between the creepy and dark aura of the funeral home (Eric Freeman’s House of Wills) to the freezing storm filled waters that almost drowned us and even getting to play with real goat skulls, hearts and organs for the ending, it was a great video to put together!” – Kristoff Bates

NecroGirls Magazine - King Diamond Shoot with Pretty Poison (2013)

We've teamed up again with Pretty Poison and this time it's for NecroGirls Magazine to bring you a sweet new photoshoot for The NecroGirls UNHOLY Issue!

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This site is a photo/video portfolio for Kristoff Bates' photography and the video colaboration of Kristoff/Kyle Severn of Incantation in creating new photo and video projects for those with a bit of a darker side.

Starting out as mostly a hobby around 2002 Kristoff had quickly picked up photography out of the need for new models in mix with a few alt.websites and clothing lines that he was a part of, in which he had quickly dived head first within the craft. As all things take time and a bit of practice, over the next 3 years Kristoff had quickly worked with a few larger alt.sites and also had a hand in helping Rob Rotten with the production of his movie the Texas Vibrator Massacre.

A few years followed and after trying to go with his own video project, Kristoff had met Kyle Severn during a video shoot with his other band Acheron and the two quickly came up with the idea for the independent horror movie After Party Massacre. After Party Massacre was an out of pocket movie production that was a split project between the two of them in writing, filming (Kyle Severn's first hand behind the camera) and post-production as well. Which was then followed up by it's release in 2011 to major stores including and came with a double DVD, a soundtrack CD and a 7 inch vinyl split between Kyle's band Incantation and Denial Fiend.

Years later Kristoff and Kyle have still worked together on a few music video projects. Beyond the production work, Kyle still tours with Incantation and Kristoff has been doing photo/video work for and other a few other merch websites as well.

Always up for new ideas and new (and also challenging) projects, Black Arts Media is continually looking for new projects to be involved in. Need a bit of help with some new photo/video work? Check out Kristoff's photo portfolio and Kristoff/Kyle's video portfolio to view a bit of their past work and to contact them about getting involved with your new project as well!

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